Antel International was founded in Sweden in 1979 with the sole purpose of designing and manufacturing base station antennas for the wireless market. The first project for the company was providing antennas for the Swedish nationwide cellular market. In 1987, as a result of rapid business growth, the first USA sales office opened with USA production starting in 1989. Antel antennas quickly became known for quality construction and consistent performance due in part to the all-mechanical design referred to as True Transmission Line Technology or 3T TechnologyTM, a design adapted from the broadcast industry. 

Antel International offered a number of “firsts” to the antenna industry: The company was the first to introduce log periodic antennas to the cellular market. Still available today, log periodics continue to be one of the best performing fixed tilt antennas in the industry. Antel also introduced null fill and was the first to offer a variety of combinations of electrical downtilt and null fill to provide coverage in demanding areas. The company was the first to introduce DIN connectors in North America. And, the first PCS evaluation in the US was performed using Antel antennas. 

In 2003, Antel International was acquired by Amphenol Corporation and began operating under the name Amphenol Antel.


Jaybeam Ltd. was established in 1948 in the United Kingdom as a developer of high reliability antennas serving the local broadcast and military markets.  The company grew and expanded over the years becoming a premier supplier of PMR / Trunked Radio and Cellular Base Station antennas for a worldwide customer base. In 1987, Jaybeam Ltd. joined with MAT Equipment adding Vehicular Mobile, Portable and Marine Mobile antennas to the product portfolio.  In 2005, the company became a consolidator in the wireless market place through its acquisition of CSA Wireless.  In August of the same year, the company changed its name to Jaybeam Wireless to recognize the synergy and strength of this new, combined organization.

In 2009 Amphenol Corporation acquired Jaybeam Wireless and merged the company with Amphenol Antel. Jaybeam’s market presence was extremely complementary to the customers Antel served and the addition brought significant leverage to the current manufacturing profile, enhancing both Antel and Jaybeam’s key supplier relationships to the customers they respectively served. 

In 2010, the two companies began operating under the new name Amphenol Antenna Solutions with European operations manufacturing under the Amphenol Jaybeam brand. 


In 2012, with the companies fully united, the Amphenol Antenna Solutions brand was adopted by all global operations.  
The combined enterprise continues to service customers’ requirements, expanding the technology base, incorporating a complete site solutions portfolio of products and further enhancing the company’s manufacturing presence in core markets and in key emerging market spaces, striving to create a true global player in the Wireless Infrastructure market.