VHF/UHF/SHF Antennas

Omnis (End-Fed and Colinear) Omnis (End-Fed and Colinear)

Amphenol’s colinear antennas are designed for deployment in VHF, UHF and SHF networks.  A wide variety of options are available including gain, tilt, lightening protection and designs that have low passive intermodulation to minimize network interference.

Yagis and Centre-Fed Dipoles Yagis and Centre-Fed Dipoles
A range of centre-fed dipoles offering an omnidirectional pattern and a comprehensive portfolio of multi-element VHF/UHF & SHF yagi directional antennas.
Panels Panels
Indoor and outdoor panel antennas designed for frequencies between 200 MHz and 2200 MHz. These aesthetically pleasing, low profile antennas are available in a variety of fixed electrical beam tilts to facilitate network optimisation.
Stacked Dipole Arrays Stacked Dipole Arrays
An array of 2 and 4 centre-fed dipole antennas with phasing harness mounted on an aluminium mast designed for various radio networks. These dipoles can be arranged to give direction or omnidirectional patterns. 
UK Customer Web Shop UK Customer Web Shop
UK customers may purchase certain factory stock VHF/UHF/SHF antennas through Amphenol's online web shop.  Business-to-business accounts only.  Orders shipped within seven days.