Descriptions of Antenna Types 

Amphenol Antenna Solutions offers antennas for virtually all applications, with product ranging from 25 MHz to 3.8 GHz. 

Below are description of the different types of antennas available from Amphenol.  Use the
Advanced Product Search to view all product available for each antenna type.


Cardiod Dipole Array
A 2-dipole antenna designed for the Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB) band.  Good power rating, combined with excellent electrical performance and mechanical strength making it suitable for severe conditions.   A rugged omni-directional series featuring upright and inverted models with and without null fill and electrical tilt.  Colinear and non-colinear designs available.

Ceiling Mount
  Omni with Reflector
Multiple options for inbuilding applications including omnidirectional and directional antennas.  Some with field selectable horizontal beamwidths.   High performance omni-directional antennas with reflector screens installed to create directional antennas.  Upright and inverted models with and without null fill and electrical tilt in a variety of horizontal beamwidths.

Center-Fed Dipole Array
A linear array of dipole elements with phasing harness mounted on an aluminium boom.  “Cardiod” shaped radiation pattern with high F/B ratio.  Typically used in PMR/Trunked Radio and Broadcast applications.   A wide selection of V-Pol, H-Pol and X-Pol single, dual and tri-band panels with fixed and variable electrical tilt options with horizontal beamwidths 18° up to 260°.

Dish Reflector
  Panel for Concealment
Designed specifically to be used as a repeater donor antenna.  Offers high gain while providing high sidelobe suppression at 90° and in the entire back hemisphere.   Panel antennas modified to decrease the space between the reflector plate & mounting pipe in order to create the smallest diameter possible for three-antenna arrays typically used in flag pole type conncealment configurations.

  Planar Array
A circularly polarized UHF antenna designed to radiate downward, in the direction of the mounting mast.  Used to provide maximum in-building penetration.   Antenna in which all elements, both active and parasitic, are in one plane.  May be used for directional beam control by varying the relative phase of each element.

  Shrouded Yagi
For BTS and automobile applications.   Standard yagi antennas with all elements enclosed in a weather resistant, fiberglass shroud offering consistent, reliable performance in all weather conditions.

Ground Plane Omni 
VHF antennas with integrated mount designed to attach to the top of a mast. The active element is a folded monopole. Elements are user-tuned to achieve best performance at the operating frequency.   3-Sector base station antennas concealed inside compact cyclindrical shrouds offering maximum RF performance in the smallest diameter possible.  Typically deployed as lamp posts, telephone poles, flagpoles and roof-top vents.

Log Periodic
One of the best performing antennas on the market, Amphenol’s log periodic antennas feature quick roll-off in the horizontal plane.  Horizontal beamwidths available from 40°-102° with a variety of gain options.   Multi-element highly directional antennas. Light, but strong construction for easy deployment.  Available for medium duty with 150 W or heavy duty with 300 W.